Thursday, March 23, 2017

10 Best Post-Gym Meals That Won't Betray Your Workout

The last thing you want to hear after crushing 600 calories in 30-minutes of kettlebell class is the annoying reminder "you can't out-train your fork" or my personal least-favorite "abs are made in the kitchen."

You work hard, you need fuel to keep strong and healthy, and no doubt you deserve a good meal.  Now, you can go hog-wild and still put on muscle, but most of us want to get stronger and leaner, too, and can find it challenging to have the patience to go home after a workout and prep vegetables when you're ravenous.

To that end, we polled Seattle Kettlebell Club members for their favorite post-workout restaurant dishes that pack in protein, flavor, nutrients and satisfaction without sabotaging their efforts.

#1.  QUINOA CRUNCH (Add the grilled chicken!) at HEYDAY
HEYDAY - Mount Baker
1372 31st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144

Ba Bar - Capitol Hill
550 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

#3. CORNED BEEF HASH at Geraldine's Counter
Geraldine's Counter - Columbia City
4872 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

Super Six - Columbia City
3714 S Hudson St
Seattle, WA 98118

#5. HALF POLLO A LA BRASA (sub fries w/beans) at San Fernando Roasted Chicken
 San Fernando Roasted Chicken - Central District
900 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144 
San Fernando's facebook page

 #6. POKE RICE PLATE at Sam Choy's Poke to the Max
Sam Choy's Poke to the Max - Hillman City
5300 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

Big Chickie - Hillman City
5520 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

#8.  HOT FOOD & SALAD BAR at PCC Natural Markets
PCC Natural Markets - Columbia City
3610 S Edmunds St
Seattle, WA 98118

#9. PHO GA at Pho Bac
Pho Bac - International District
1314 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98144

#10.  BIBIMBAP at Oma Bap
Oma Bap - Capitol Hill
1223 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122

Eat, lift and live well and happy!


Seattle Kettlebell Club

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This weekend (February 23-26, 2017), nine members of Seattle Kettlebell Club will be heading to Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, California to compete in the WAKSC (World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs) Kettlebell Sport Lifting World Championships.

We can't wait to follow up this post with the stats and experiences about to come to fruition after a year's worth of planning and training.  But first, meet the competitors:

Adrian Cowens

Patchen Noelke

Greg Wentzell

Nikolai Puchlov

Wendell Dyck

Christeine Terry

Lizelle Din

Allison Moore

Paul Klein

Monday, December 12, 2016

Changes Ahead at SKC for 2017!

We have had an amazing first year at SKC and expect 2017 to be even better; our members are incredible and we are excited about continued development and providing them with what they deserve - the best possible coaching, classes and environment possible.

So, on thing we will be doing in 2017 is phasing out our partnership with ClassPass to ensure that there are enough platforms and instructor attention available for members (PS we are very thankful to have met some awesome people through ClassPass.)

As we continue to grow, we're also preparing to cap our membership at 180 members. This is the maximum number of members we feel we will be able to serve at the highest level in this space.

If you or your friend is on the fence about joining Seattle Kettlebell Club, this is the time! We have several upcoming intro workshops on the calendar and membership rates will be increasing January 1st. (Existing members or new members who sign up in the next few weeks will be grandfathered in at the lower rate for 2017.)

If you have any questions, please contact us, swing by the club or visit our website at

Best regards, SKC

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

No Time to Exercise? Here's a Quick and Simple 5-Minute Single Kettlebell Workout

Kick-Start Your Day with a 5-Minute Single Kettlebell Workout

Here's a great example of the incredible efficiency kettlebells provide.  Try this full-body workout and see for yourself how quickly you can get your heart rate pumping and entire body engaged in only 5-minutes... because "something" is not only better than "nothing," it's actually productive.

TIP:  Keep track of how many reps you perform and try to beat your previous total each time you do the workout.  When you're performing them at max tempo (with great form, of course), it's time to get yourself a heavier kettlebell.

A quick video reference guide of these exercises is available at  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Come for the Kettlebell Fitness, Stay for the Kettlebell Sport!

Most of the 22 members who represented Seattle Kettlebell Club on Saturday, September 24th at the 2016 IKFF NW Kettlebell Championship first came to SKC in search of a better alternative to the typical gym, having little-to-no previous experience with kettlebells and definitely no interest in competitive kettlebell lifting.  

Kettlebell Sport Class at Seattle Kettlebell Club
I absolutely love it when members lay down their disinterest in competing during one of their first visits to The Dacha (our nickname for the gym; it's a Russian term for a vacation home).  They have come to reap the rewards of the kettlebell swings and turkish getups they've heard about; they have yet to know more.

I am particularly fond of a memory from early August, 2015; it was right before I was leaving to compete at the OKC NorCal Open in Berkeley.  That's when Wendell Dyck (who came to us originally as a personal training client and is now dedicated to our sport classes) told me with fervor he was not competitive and would not compete.  Here's Wendell just over a year later, competing in 20 kilo biathlon at his 3rd competition, having even traveled to Canada to compete last May.  Judging by his face, turns out he really doesn't hate it ;-)

Wendell Dyck between sets at the 2016 IKFF NW Kettlebell Champs.  Ellie Taylor warms up in the background.
It's not really surprising that the people who found a kettlebell gym appealing in the first place keep an open mind and are provoked by challenge.  Before long, they find themselves surrounded by other members who are doing kettlebell jerks and snatches and thinking "I can do that.  I want to do that."  And while they still may never find themselves on a competition platform, now they're here to play... Kettlebell Sport class it is.

--Amber Puchlov
co-owner Seattle Kettlebell Club


 Come play with us!

Seattle Kettlebell Club - 817 Hiawatha Place S, Seattle WA 98144

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Things You Should Know About Kettlebell Sport

#1.  Kettlebell Sport Exercises are Ballistic   
Ballistic means the weight is accelerated and released at some point during the exercise, or “lift.” There are hundreds of exercises you can do with a kettlebell, but the ballistic sport exercises - specifically the clean, snatch & jerk -  are the highest evolution of kettlebell training, the techniques having been honed thru competition over the past 70 years.

#2.  Kettlebell Sport Exercises are Unmatched in Efficiency
Low-impact, full-body strength, cardio and endurance at once; Seattle Kettlebell Club members have experienced noticeable improvement in these areas after only a few weeks of 3x/week visits as well as old shoulder, back, hip injuries, etc. improving or disappearing altogether after extended kettlebell training at SKC.

#3.  You'll Never "Max Out" in Kettlebell Sport
This is why you can do this whether you’re 10 or 70.  Now don't get me wrong; it's gonna get real.  But even at the peak of training, you’re using lighter weights for an extended period of time (up to 5 or 10 minutes or more) This way, you are building endurance and keeping your heart rate up during your entire workout, which doesn’t happen with the more common method of lifting barbells or dumbbells for less reps with higher-to-max weight.

#4.  Kettlebell Sport Exercises are Easy to Modify to Your Fitness Level
When SKC refers to classes as “advanced” they mean technically advanced, not that you have to be in great shape. Once you learn how to perform the ballistic lifts through a workshop or private coaching session, they are easy to modify to your fitness level by raising or lowering the weight of the kettlebells and/or the pace at which you perform the repetitions.

#5.  Kettlebell Sport Isn’t CrossFit
If you have used kettlebells in CrossFit, we're glad to hear it - that's great.  But be prepared that kettlebell sport emphasizes different, more nuanced technique and some different kettlebell exercises entirely than are often used in CrossFit.  In order to be able to perform long sets of kettlebell sport exercises, you will probably have to let go of some of what you learned about using kettlebells at your box.
Ready for more kettlebells? 
Join Seattle Kettlebell Club 
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Age Limit for Kettlebells: An Interview with Paul Klein

Q&A with Coach Paul

Coach Paul Klein first met Amber of Seattle Kettlebell Club through his theater network in the 90’s. (Did you know he and Amber are actors?!) His art background led him to a career in museum operations at the SAM until recently when he made the move to fitness.

Paul is happy to share his coaching talents with members of Seattle Kettlebell Club as a certified trainer and kettlebell sport instructor. As a 54-year-old athlete (Paul is heading south this weekend to compete at the 2016 Orange Kettlebell Club NorCal Open Kettlebell Championship), his hopes are to train more people in their 50’s as they work to move everyday and stay active.

How did you find kettlebells?

I didn’t go looking for kettlebells, kettlebells found me!

I first read about it 10 years or so ago in one of the men’s health magazines, and initially I thought it was another one of those buzzy fitness trends. But once I had some coaching from Nikolai [Seattle Kettlebell Club Founder], I really realized that I love working on strength, I love working on core stability and cardio respiratory fitness --and I also love the technical side of lifting.

Paul Doing His Best to Upstage Nikolai at the State BOLT Kettlebell Championship

Are there other sports that remind you of kettlebell sport?

I play ice hockey, and from the age of 6-21, I played baseball up to junior college as a catcher. I loved both sports, especially the social and team aspect of it. When I was younger, I loved the social aspect, but I hated the conditioning!

So as an adult athlete, I really wanted to indulge in something similar but find a more inspiring way to get stronger. --I wanted to get into fundamentals again.

Once I found kettlebell sport, and I learned the techniques of the jerk and the snatch, I realized that I could do this and get into it! It’s a dynamic relationship that you have with the kettlebells. The lifts aren’t just up and down --I could feel my muscles working, and my lungs, and my mind was just as active!

It reminded me of learning the technique
of a baseball swing, or goalie moves on the ice. 

What are the benefits of kettlebell in your life?

As a career, I feel more involved in my life as a coach. I’m taking better care of myself too, and at my age, I look forward to walking places! I think a lot of friends have hesitations about walking long distances, even if it’s from the Light Rail to the ballpark.

The world seems like a closer place for me,

with more options to get around.

Kettlebell has made me a better ice hockey player too! I usually play 2-4 times a month, but there was a stretch that I couldn’t get to the rink for almost 4 months. When I finally showed up, almost nothing had changed. I didn’t feel weak. I felt athletic, like I came to compete just like everyone else.

Overall, it makes me not dread things.

I think people my age start to look at that, and they are seeing their parents’ independence starting to evaporate. This gives me total independence to go ride my bike, go hiking, go to a baseball game and walk around the whole time. I’m 54, and 50 is the new 40!

Kettlebell sport exercise is totally scale-able, easy on joints and is absolutely packed with benefits for bodies of all ages. Coach Paul has private coaching availability and teaches kettlebell fitness, kettlebell sport and kettlebell technique classes to ages 12-70+ at Seattle Kettlebell Club on Monday and Wednesdays from 2-9p and some Saturdays and Sundays as well.  Schedule a private session or RSVP to a class online.