Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Run Farther, Run Faster


Christeine Terry is all about personal challenges.  

Couple a personal challenge with an endurance event and you are speaking her language. 

I took some time to talk with Christeine about her experiences with running, kettlebell sport, and how they are symbiotic to each other.  

Christeine began running as a kid when she would run at the track with her dad during his workouts. In her teens and mid-twenties she stopped running to pursue other social and academic interests, but her desire for a personal challenge roped her back in and she set a goal to run a 5K before she turned 30.

So off she went, running on the treadmill for bits at a time - 30 seconds here, 1 minute there - until she started gaining momentum. Her first race was the Torchlight 5K. She was hooked; loved it!  She returned the following year for the Torchlight 8K. 

A half marathon in Oregon's wine country (her first) followed in 2011. Since then she has run 6 more half marathons. 

Her latest personal running challenge was to break 2 hours in a half marathon. Her best to date had been 2:08.  Leading up to the race, she trained an average of 4 sessions at Seattle Kettlebell Club plus 3 runs each week.   

Christeine reached her goal at the Seattle Rock n' Roll half marathon finishing in 1:56. 


I asked a few more questions and here’s what she had to say.

ME: "What is your favorite running distance?"

CHRISTEINE: "The half marathon."

ME:  "What are your challenges as a runner?"  

CHRISTEINE:  "Trying to run slow on long runs, getting too hooked on pace, and adding stretching and mobility work to my training.” 
(To address these challenges she sought the support of other runners at SKC and she attended all the yoga and mobility classes SKC offers to make stretching and mobility fun.)
ME: "In what ways has kettlebell training carried over to your running?"

CHRISTEINE: "It has made me stronger, faster and more powerful, especially running hills. I noticed during the race that people dropped off at the hills and I was able to power up and keep pace. The breathing work in kettlebell training helped me find a breathing pattern to keep pace during my race."

ME:  "What do you love about running?"

CHRISTEINE: "I feel free. It's me, my breath, my music, and all that happened in the day just drops away. I find compassion for myself. It's challenging, and there is always something to work towards. There is a voice that says to quit, but in the end, I don’t.”

ME: "What do you love about kettlebell sport?"

CHRISTEINE: "Kettlebell sport is similar to running, in that there is always a challenge.  There is always something to work towards. I love that it is endurance weight lifting. It's a personal challenge, like running. I love the community because it is supportive and I love being around strong women – they’re inspiring!"

ME: "Where is your favorite place to run?"

CHRISTEINE: "Lake Washington Boulevard and the Arboretum."

ME:  "Would you recommend kettlebell training for other runners?"


ME: "What advice would you give other runners?"

CHRISTEINE: "I would say that kettlebell sport training specifically is good for running because it's also an endurance sport, but one that includes strength training. Also, the focus on breathing in kettlebell sport in order to be successful in long sets helps with breathing during running.  It's good practice."

ME: "What is on your fitness bucket list?"

CHRISTEINE: "Go to Kettlebell Worlds in February 2017 and lift the 16's, Crazy Monkey Kettlebell Competition, to beat my time in another half marathon, and then to finish a marathon."

With Christeine's hard work, determination and track record with exceeding personal challenges, I'd say her bucket list will get accomplished and then some!

by Allison Moore

Christeine Terry 2016