Saturday, December 22, 2018

Member Praises SKC for Lacking "Gymtimidation"

Millions of Americans suffer from gymtimidation, the fear of facing judgment at a new gym.  This fear leads many to avoid the gym all together. However, Seattle Kettlebell Club is a gymtimidation free zone, and long-term member Patrick Heraghty can vouch for that. 

“I think people are often fearful going places where there's a competitive nature, and they don’t feel comfortable,” Patrick said. “I’ve always felt welcome since the day I walked in the door.” 

Patrick gave Planet Fitness and CrossFit a try back home in New Hampshire, where he worked as a traveling nurse, (he now holds a position in Seattle) but he found it difficult to keep his fitness consistent. Now, he has been with SKC for about a year and a half, and he says his first impression of the classes were that they were the challenge he’d been looking for noting that his stamina and endurance improved tremendously in his first three weeks of swinging kettlebells. 
“The coaches were very friendly and helpful with your technique,” Patrick said. “Even though I was a total beginner, I didn’t feel out of place.” 

Patrick is an avid hiker, so one of his favorite parts of moving to the PNW has been the easy access to trails in the area. 

“Seattle Kettlebell Club has really conditioned me to do more challenging hikes,” Patrick said. “I wouldn’t be able to do the hikes I do now without this place.” 

Since March of this year, Patrick has lost 17lbs. 
“I like that there is going to be a different workout every time I come, and that each time slot has regulars. If you go to different classes, you get to meet different people,” Patrick said. “Even if it’s a really hard work out, you feel like everyone’s going through it together, and the coaches are all fantastic.”

Outside of the fitness world, Patrick enjoys cooking and going to music shows (his favorite venue is the Paramount). He’s loved his past three years in Seattle, and he feels fortunate to be a part of SKC’s inclusive crowd. 

“I’m part of the gay community, and it’s just very diverse here- people of all genders, colors, and sizes,” Patrick said. “You don’t feel like you’re walking into a place where people are going to treat you like a weirdo. You have people all tatted up, you've got guys next door, soccer moms-It’s great!” 

Feeling some gymtimidation still? Our Kettlebell Kickstarter is now Buy one get one free. Buy the $99 intro package for yourself and get one for a friend! For more information click here. 

-Camille Borodey 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Seattle Kettlebell Club Hosts Pro-Am December 1st 2018

Seattle Kettlebell Club Hosts 2nd Annual Seattle Kettlebell Pro-Am 2018
Date: December 1 2018
Time: First flight at 9am
Place:  1716 21st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Seattle Kettlebell Club eats, breathes, and sleeps kettlebells. The staff and members, too, are
passionate about kettlebell sport and striving to encourage excellence among their community.

Trying new skills, encouraging clients to step outside their comfort zones, and supporting
each other along their fitness journeys are just a few ways the club achieves this.

SKC also hosts competitions in-house to provide opportunities for their members as well as to encourage the growth of kettlebell sport in the Pacific Northwest. This event is designed to be a place for growth and accomplishment for lifters of all ages and stages.

Last year SKC had fierce competition at the Seattle Kettlebell Club Pro Am competition, with lifters coming
in from around the state, Oregon and Canada.   
2018 is primed to be just as intensive, and exciting. There are currently 88 lifters total signed up for
what should be a highly competitive event. There will be 44 female lifters and 44 male lifters from 
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada and with special guest World Champion Sergei Rachinskii from
St. Petersburg, Russia.

This event is open to the public. Our lifters would love to see you supporting them this Saturday!

This year’s event will take place December 1st with the first flight beginning at 9am.

Rachinskii Sessions

Mr. Rachinskii will be hosting workshops and private training sessions as well as a kettlebell sport
brunch the day after the competition. With 30 years of lifting, 12-Time Champion of Russia,
9-Time World Champion, and 7-Time Guinness Book of World Records Holder under his belt
these sessions are sure to be a special and unique experience.

If you are interested in registering for a session with Mr. Rachinskii please follow the link below

-Hailey Walker

Friday, November 23, 2018

Fitness Friday: Mother and Son Make Kettlebells Part of Their Early Morning Routine

After recovering from a shoulder injury 2.5 years ago, Lisa Thomas stumbled upon Seattle Kettlebell Club and realized kettlebell training was the full body fitness tool she’d been looking for. Now, she and her 15-year-old son Elek come to SKC four times a week.

“Kettlebells have helped me develop new muscles, and other parts of my back are stronger than they've ever been,” Lisa said.

Both Lisa and Elek started with the KettleFIT classes and agree that the sport side of kettlebells seemed like such a foreign concept to them, but now they’ve both competed multiple times.

“The people are fantastic, and it’s just a welcoming, encouraging environment," Lisa said. "I would never have even thought about competing if a bunch of people weren’t telling me 'you should come to the competitions.'"

Lisa and Elek will both be competing in SKC’s Pro-Am on Dec 1st. Lisa’s goal is to rank CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) with a 16-kilo 5-minute biathlon (Jerk+Snatch). She also notes that the IKFF competition back in September was a big turning point for her and Elek’s training since that was the last competition where they'd be lifting the same weight. 

“I remember when 6-kilos felt hard. Now, I’m trying to finish my set with the 20s,” Elek said. “I’d love to get Rank 1. I think the competitions are just a good environment- a lot of supportive people. It’s a good time.”

Lisa and Elek are among the dedicated members who come to class at 5:15 am.

“The 5 am people at any gym are the best people,” Lisa said. "It’s been so cool to see everyone fold Elek in. No one treats him like he’s a kid. Everybody’s equal at 5:15 am.”

Elek and Lisa both joke about how Elek’s father was skeptical about his teenage son waking up so early to make it to class, but Lisa is proud that he has stuck it, and they both agree that SKC has become too much a part of their routine to lose motivation.

“I always like to get energy out in the morning, so I can focus on school and the rest of my day,” Elek said.

Elek plays ultimate frisbee after school, and he’s hopeful to start wrestling in the Winter, and Lisa works at UW leading the school’s fundraiser campaign.

“It’s just cool that it’s a thing we can do together. Being a teenager, Elek’s got his activities, and his life and his school, and I have my work and my stuff. It’s just cool as your kids become adults to have things that you share with them,” Lisa said.

Lisa also praises kettlebells for being such an accessible exercise.

“Almost any other activity, we found ourselves doing it differently. He can probably run faster than I can, but I can run farther,” Lisa said. “That’s what’s cool about kettlebells is everyone is at different weights and different paces, but you’re all doing it together.”

Although Lisa and Elek have never formally participated in the 21 Day Challenge since they already come 4 times a week, Lisa has done her own version of the challenge’s diet plan.

“I had quite the diet coke habit for a long time," Lisa said. "After giving it up for 21 days, I completely lost my taste for it, and I haven’t had it since, so that was unexpected benefit.”

When asking Lisa and Elek if they had anything to add Lisa said,

“I really give Amber and Nikolai all the credit because they had a vision, and they’ve created exactly their vision- a tight but open and inclusive community. I never would have guessed that kettlebell would be my sport. Our family thinks we're a little nuts, but they're supportive.”

Lisa and Elek are currently on the two-person Kodiak membership. If you have a friend of partner who’d like to join, sign up now. The rates for The Kodiak are going up soon!

-Camille Borodey 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Staying Sane this Thanskgiving

Although the holidays are supposed to be a fun time, with the stress of cooking, getting your house ready for guests, and biting your tongue when a relative discusses politics, you may find yourself straying away from your usual routine. Here are some tips for how to have a sane, enjoyable, and healthy holiday season.

1. Come work out with us!  

Seattle Kettlebell Club is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but we're hosting a special Black Friday intro workshop from 11-1. Check our calendar for other schedule changes. And remember, our KettleFIT and SPORT classes are only 45 minutes long, so you'll still have plenty of family time!

2. Find ways to get the family moving

Go for a walk, play a game of football, bust out the Wii fit, or if you’re feeling adventurous pull up a dance tutorial and learn something new. Two years ago on Black Friday, I spent about three hours teaching myself One Direction’s Best Song Ever dance VIA Youtube.  Now, I cannot guarantee that you’ll get the whole family to agree to that last suggestion, but it’s worth a try.

3. Eat healthy meals in between 

I’m not going to lie to myself. When Thanksgiving Day comes around, you better believe that I will be loading up my plate with deliciously fatty goodness while also smothering it all in gravy, but that doesn’t mean every meal has to be that indulgent. Don’t forget to get plenty of fruits and vegetables, and instead of skipping meals, make smart choices. Chances are with the mix of alcohol and high sodium foods, you’re going to be more prone to dehydration, so your body will thank you for drinking water. 

4. Pick and choose what you splurge on

You should eat what you like, for many holiday foods only come around once a year, but I’ll most likely be fine if I skip the gelatin surprise with marshmallows that my aunt makes every year.  Eat the foods you love and wait all year for, and skip the ones you have mixed feelings about. 

5. Chill out

Enjoy some good food and family time, and if your routine takes a detour, it’s hardly the end of the world. Start fresh on Friday as you figure out what to do with all that leftover turkey. 

Check out our website and social media for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals. 

-Camille Borodey  

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Meet our Kettlecoaches: Camille Borodey

Although, she just started teaching KettleFit classes last month, Camille Borodey has been with Seattle Kettlebell Club for a year after she responded to a Craig’s List ad for a personal assistant. 

“The ad didn’t state what the business was, so I assumed with a name like Nikolai Puchlov, I was walking into an interview with a neurotic Russian painter,” Camille said. “However, being someone who loves fitness, I was super excited that SKC was actually a gym.” 

Camille was originally brought on the team to assist SKC’s owners, and do some social media and marketing work, but she wears many hats at SKC noting that her favorite part of her job is interviewing members and writing profiles on them. 
“We just have such a diverse community of awesome people here,” Camille said. “It’s so cool to get to know our members and see how SKC and training with kettlebells has impacted their lives for the better. When I interview members, I never have to fish for compliments on the gym. People just love gushing over this place.” 

As someone coming from a traditional weight lifting background, Camille admits to being skeptical about kettlebell training, but now, like all the trainers at SKC, she’s addicted to the sport, and competed for the first time back in September. She’ll also be competing at the Westshore Open in Victoria on November 10th and SKC’s pro-am on Dec 1st. She evens runs an Instagram with fellow SKC trainer Hailey, titled Kettle_Bitches, where they celebrate women in Kettlebell Sport.

“For now, my goal for competitions is to just finish my sets,” Camille said. “When I first started just about a year ago, I struggled with the 4-kilogram bells. Now, I’m competing with 10s!" 

Born and raised in Woodinville, Camille received her Bachelor’s in Professional and Creative writing with a minor in Film studies, and she’s in the process of writing her master’s thesis in Literature. When she’s not at SKC, she enjoys cooking, journaling, hiking, and she’s very passionate about film criticism.

“I feel like I’m super lucky to have stumbled upon SKC,” Camille said. “Amber and Nikolai are good and honest people who care about their employees, and it’s awesome that I get to combine so many of my passions into one job.”  

Catch Camille at the front desk or teaching classes Wednesdays at Noon and Fridays at 6:45pm.