Sunday, May 12, 2019

Supermoms: Celebrating the Strong Mothers at SKC

From those who have been swinging kettlebells long term, to those just starting their exercise journeys, Seattle Kettlebell Club's member base is full of inspiring moms who balance busy schedules with their fitness routines. With appreciation for all the amazing mothers out there, here's a look at some of SKC's Supermoms!

Sara Miller and her husband, Tom, have been coming to SKC for almost two years, and in order to coordinate their schedules, the couple is rarely seen in class together, but Sara notes that her husband understands the importance of self-care. Sara is grateful that SKC has a 5:15 am class since that’s often the only free time she has during the day. Despite the early morning commitment, Sara knows that the physical benefits are totally worth it.

“Post-natal, I was able to get back to a place where I believed in my body again,” Sara said. “I found that I could be stronger than I had been before, and that taking the time for myself is critical for overall health and wellness.”

"I feel that SKC and training with kettlebells has improved my life outside of the gym. I am able to model commitment and the desire to be physically active and strong to my daughter," Sara said.

Mother of two Jordan Lobban also stresses the importance of prioritizing exercise into her weekly routine. 

“My time swinging bells at SKC has become a large part of taking care of myself, and these days it's practically my only alone time in terms of a mental break. So yes, the juggle is challenging, but it's a necessity,” Jordan said. 

Jordan is one of the many SKC moms who not only comes to the gym on a regular basis, but is a member of our sport team, The Kettlebears.  

“I really love getting to show my girls that women are strong, and women can lift. When joining the gym about a year and a half ago, I had no interest in competing, but I was drawn to the sport as a method of pushing myself more strategically towards goals. It's been incredibly challenging, exhilarating, and gratifying to grow in this way,” Jordan said.

 "I've experienced more wonder parenting our two girls (Eisley: nearly five; Kattiana: three and a half) than I can put into words," Jordan said.

Another mother of two daughters Alison Li joins Jordan in the early morning, training hard for future competitions while balancing a full-time job with parenting.

"I joined SKC three years ago, and I have experienced such a dramatic change in my body and a positive shift in my own body image issues," Alison said. "My hope is that my example of strength and pride in my body will continue to serve my girls as they reflect on their own bodies."

While the fitness programming provides a wonderful workout, Alison notes that SKC is truly a special place. 

"SKC is unlike any other gym. Nikolai, Amber, and all the staff foster an open and supportive community," Alison said. "Swinging a kettlebell is super fun, and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!"

"My girls are 11 and 8, and they really are wonders," Alison said. "I think the best part is seeing their true selves slowly emerge. The most challenging piece for me is making sure to take care of myself," Alison said.

Jodi Rose agrees with Alison, saying that SKC is a supportive place that also gives its members a chance to try something outside of their comfort zones. 

“Just try it. I've never felt so welcome at a gym. It's an inclusive environment that anyone would benefit from taking part in,” Jodi said.

Jodi has also experienced tremendous physical benefits from SKC. After having her daughter, she suffered from abdominal separation, and kettlebell training cleared it up within 6 months!

Jodi admits that motherhood can be full of unsure navigation, but she loves watching her daughter discover new things for the first time, and she notes that KettleFIT classes have given her the energy to keep up with her daughter. 

"Having a late night option for class is a huge help. It can be challenging to carve out other time, but luckily I have the support of a partner who understands making time to work out is a priority for me," Jodi said.

Before joining SKC early this year, Lanell Aoki and her husband, Peter, had not been able to work out together since the 80's. She wishes that she had found kettlebells when she was younger, for she now has more energy and feels stronger. 

Lanell's kids are 25 and 29, and she and Peter are both retired after working for the city of Seattle for many years. She notes that balancing a career while also caring for her developmentally disabled daughter left little free time, but she feels lucky to have such a great husband to raise kids with!

"It has just been so fun watching them grow up and seeing what they have become," Lanell said. "It’s hard to imagine how rewarding it has been and how much you can love your kids. The most challenging thing was just being so busy working, having a disabled child, trying to take care of my family, and everything else."

"We finally have found a wonderful person who cares for Mari, so we can go to SKC three times a week. Hoping to add another day!" Lanell said. 

Another early-morning kettlebell swinger, Meg Cummins has also found that taking KettleFIT classes at SKC has given her more energy in her day to day life. 

"I specifically choose the 6:10 am weekday class because I can get home around the time I'd typically start my day thus not disrupt the whole morning routine with my partner and child," Meg said. 

"Exercise is generating increased strength which is helpful, and it generally improves my mental health - parenting (a 5 year old) seems to be equal parts physical and mental."

Carey Evenson, also mother of a 5 year old son, says she loves "seeing the hilarious, weird little person my son is growing up to be and watching him learn to navigate the world."

Carey recalls that when her son was baby, he used to wake her up at 4:30 am, which felt like pure torture at the time. 

"Now I do it voluntarily! [Working out] first thing in the morning lets me get it done before any other obligations can get in the way. Starting my days with a sense of accomplishment with some of my favorite people is awesome," Carey said. 

Carey is one of the brave kettlebell sport competitors who performs 10-minute sets, but she notes the mental toughness required for those long lifts can easily be translated in the patience and toughness needed for parenting. 

"There is something at SKC for everyone," Carey said. "Whether you're looking for an amazing workout, a supportive community, or just to feel a little more comfortable in your body after having small people take it over. It's really, really worth it."

"I love it when he watches me (and all the other kickass women of SKC) compete, and work hard for something," Carey said. "Those are lessons that I take into my work and family life as well. I've been able to meet so many amazing women and get inspired by them through SKC and this sport."

Jinnah Rose-McFadden has been with the gym for just over a year and attends KettleFIT and KettleSPORT classes five times a week. She admits that joining a gym at this point in her life was easier since her kids are now a little older. 

"Working out helps me maintain balance and patience with my kids. It also sets a good example that taking care of one's mental health and body is important," Jinnah said. 

 "I love spending time with my kids! They make me laugh daily. The most challenging part of motherhood for me is letting my kids fail or struggle," Jinnah said. "It's hard to watch the littles you love suffer through anything, but those failures/tribulations often provide the best lessons in life."

Jinnah even goes as far as to say that SKC has truly been a lifesaver, and the classes have become necessary for her. 

"My life has been greatly improved by SKC. It's provided me with more balance in my life (which is the thing all parents seek). I also love being strong for my daughter," Jinnah said. "She is at a pivotal time in her development, turning 12 this month, where it's important to have good, strong, and body positive female role models. While I have always striven to be this for her, I feel like working out at SKC has strengthened that goal."

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Seattle Kettlebell Club!