Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hello, Summer. Goodbye 30 Pounds!

At the beginning of 2019, Tim Mulligan knew it was time to take his health up a notch.

“I hit my 50's and decided to get my health and fitness in check. I wanted to be a good role model for my family, and I knew beach days were right around the corner.” 

So, with a change in diet and plenty of resolve, he hit the ground running by taking five KettleFIT classes per week at SKC and has lost 30 pounds since mid-January!

“I’m good at routines; especially this year when I committed to coming every single day. They say 21 days forms a habit, and I think I formed that habit.”

Tim notes it’s easy to motivate himself to come to class frequently because they’re only 45-minutes, and the large variety of exercises makes every day a new and exciting challenge.

I asked Tim if he thought that people have misconceptions about kettlebell training. He said friends and family often have the idea that the exercises are bad for your back (which is the opposite of true).

“In the past I’ve struggled with knee issues and trouble with my back, and I feel like I don’t have those issues anymore. As I’ve gotten older, I think [kettlebell training] has helped me rehabilitate.”

Tim Mulligan is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Vulcan, and he lives in the Mount Baker area with his partner, Sean, two kids, and three dogs.

Congratulations on the great work, Tim! Thank you for making SKC a part of your fitness journey.  

-Camille Borodey