Thursday, August 15, 2019

From Swinging to Swimming: SKC Helps Member Get Back in the Water

Following his physical therapist’s advice, Alic Shook gave up swimming for several month to recover from a shoulder injury. However, since he spends hours reading, writing, and sitting as a PhD student in nursing, Alic knew he had to find something to prevent him from losing his mind. It took just one visit to SKC for him to fall in love with the gym and kettlebells. Over time, the workouts have helped him with strength, posture, and balance. PLUS, he’s even swimming again! 

“My goal in life right now is to just have a body that is moving and working in the way that I want it to for a really long time."

“I like that the focus is on individual teaching, and one of my favorite things about the gym is that there are all different people, bodies, and ages who work out here, and I love that. I think that’s the thing that stood out to me right from the beginning,” Alic said.  

Alic has always been drawn to long distance exercises (running, swimming, biking) but never got into weight-lifting because he found it repetitive and boring… and he’s had a hard time enjoying gyms in general.

“I have not had good experiences in gyms,” Alic said. “I’m transgender, and I haven’t always felt comfortable in those environments. The anxiety provoking aspects of other gyms are eliminated at SKC for me, and I can just focus on working out! I tell others that this is a gym for people who hate gyms.”

“Every time you come is a new challenge. Some days the challenge for me is just getting here and finishing the workout. Other days the challenge is a want to lift heavier weights or do higher reps with lower weights."

While Alic is passionate about his work in his PhD program, he notes that the hours spent writing and studying can be isolating for his extroverted personality, so he’s happy that SKC offers him a healthy social outlet.

“One of the ways I justify spending money on a gym membership is that this is high quality. You get a coached workout.” Alic said. “As long as I show up, I know that when I leave, I will be in a better mood than when I showed up.”

Good luck with your PhD, Alic, and thank you for making Seattle Kettlebell Club a part of your routine!

-Camille Borodey