Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Meet our Kettlecoaches: Dave

Dave Buchanan caught the kettlebell bug when he attended his first competition three years ago. He was inspired by the dedication of the lifters and watching them push through their own personal thresholds during their sets. 

Although his training was temporarily put on hold when he put a nail through his finger while working as a carpenter, once he healed he was ready to train again and now works full time at SKC! 
Photo Credit: Tumwater Creative
Dave got involved with fitness in his early 20’s when watching The Biggest Loser with his roommates. To merely say Dave changed his lifestyle is an understatement, for he lost 140 pounds by counting calories and working out 5 days per week. His fitness practice eventually led to a passion for powerlifting and barbell training (which he still does when he’s not swinging kettlebells) and he realized how much he loves training others as well. 

Anyone who has taken a class with Dave knows that his energetic and warm personality makes for a fantastic class. His passion for seeing the best in people is reflected in his teaching style, and he’s very humbled that he gets to motivate members every day at SKC.  

“I love seeing people realize how strong they are, and not just physically, but emotionally and mentally,” Dave said. “We tend to not believe in ourselves, and I can see people’s potential.” 
Photo Credit: Tumwater Creative
Dave has competed in two kettlebell sport competitions and even won Best Lifter in the Men’s Biathlon last week at the IKFF Northwest Kettlebell Championship. Besides the benefits in strength, Dave also enjoys the mindfulness and focus that kettlebell sport requires.

“KettleSport and KettleFit are not easy, but we all stand next to each other and cheer each other on and support each other’s wins. I see people come in five minutes earlier and leave five minutes later because their buds are here. They didn’t even know they were buds until sweating next to each other on a black piece of rubber,” Dave said. “I’ve met some amazing humans in this gym. It’s just cool to see people find belonging here and find it with something that’s healthy.”  

Although Dave has been to other gyms in the past, he says that there truly is no place like SKC. Noting that he’s a very critical person, Dave admits that he’s always amazed by Nikolai and Amber’s (SKC owners) training programs and business practices. 

“They have put their blood, sweat and tears into this,” Dave said. “They have so much passion about this sport that it resonates through this entire gym and the competitions they go to. They have passion; thus, they attract people with passion.”  

Dave shares a laugh with Boris Puchlov last Saturday at the IKFF Northwest Championships

For the future, Dave hopes to be able to compete with 32-kilo bells, and he’s in the process of getting his NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certificate. 

When Dave isn’t at SKC, he enjoys motorcycles (he’s a self-proclaimed motorhead), Batman, the outdoors, playing and writing music, and collecting books and records.

Haven’t taken a class with Dave yet? Go to to check out our schedule. 

-Camille Borodey