Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Retired Couple Works Hard at SKC

Former Captain of the Seattle Fire Department Peter Aoki and his wife, Lanell, who used to work for the city of Seattle, first gave SKC a try around the holidays when they purchased memberships as a Christmas gift.
Peter was recovering from a hip replacement and his chiropractor recommended kettlebells. While they had bells at home, they didn’t really know what to do with them, but now the couple is swinging bells like pros multiple times a week!
“I honestly didn’t think we needed to spend any money on a gym,” Lanell said. “Because we can run, walk, climb up the stairs, but now I think it’s just wonderful. As you’re getting older, if you should spend your money on anything, it should be your health and fitness.”
When they took our intro class, their instructor was Hailey, and the couple agrees that her fun and positive personality made for an enjoyable first class, and it didn't take long for them to fall in love with the club.

Lanell notes that since joining SKC, she’s gained more muscle and feels stronger doing yard work and other chores at home. The couple also participates in the Base 2 Space, and they are optimistic SKC’s pro kettlebell training will help with their annual journey to the top of the Space Needle. Pretty impressive considering Peter just turned 60! 
“I want to go into the next decade being healthy, so that’s another thing that bring me here,” Peter said. “It seems so old in my mind, and I just want to stay in good shape.”
“Paul (SKC trainer) said exercise is a way extend your warranty on your body,” Lanell adds.
Peter and Lanell have made their visits to SKC a part of their physical and social routine. They commute all the way from Lake Forrest Part 3-4 times a week, get coffee, come to the noon KettlFIT class, and take a walk around Greenlake. Sounds like the perfect couple's Kettle Date!
“Some people will ask why we go all the way to South Seattle to work out? We tell them we’re a part of this super special club, and they should come too!” Lanell said. “You just feel good about yourself. And I’d also like to say I think the club is beautiful. I want everyone to do kettlebells here!”
Thank you making SKC a part of your lives, Peter and Lanell!

-Camille Borodey

Monday, October 7, 2019

Motivation Monday: Michael and Lauren Stubel

Although Michael and Lauren Stubel are no strangers to the world of fitness, they love that Seattle Kettlebell Club is like no other gym they’ve been to, and admit that they were a little nervous about swinging bells for the first time. However, upon their first visit, that gymtimidation was quickly lifted.

“The nice thing is everyone is so eager to help, and you never feel embarrassed when you can’t do something,” Lauren said. “I felt so supported that I wanted to come back for the community long before I fell in love with the bells.”

“Coming into the first workout, I wondered how many workouts you could actually do with kettlebells,” Michael adds. “I’ve been pretty shocked with how many things you can do.”

“This felt like something I wanted to be a part of. I could tell that people like coming here, and they support you on your journey,” Lauren said.

Michael notes that other gyms simply have a goal of getting members to return, but he appreciates that SKC focuses on technique and safety while also wanting their members to succeed in their training.

“We were really close to building a home gym,” Michael said, “and [SKC] felt like everything a home gym is, but with the community, and a trainer telling me what I’m doing.”

While Michael has experience with a lot of traditional weight training, with his old routine, he got to a point where you felt like he was plateauing.

“I’m probably that obnoxious guy telling people kettlebell workouts are better than other things. I’ve done running, basketball, weightlifting- there hasn’t been one steady workout that I’ve done in the last ten years that I’ve felt this energetic about,” Michael said. “It just feels like I’m working out my full body rather than just doing chest or leg day.”

On a final note, Lauren praises that the class variety at SKC makes it so the couple has little difficulty motivating themselves to come to class.

“This is one of the places that even when I don’t want to work out, I still walk in the door, and I think it’s because I have a real relationship with all the instructors," Lauren said. "It’s the right amount of class for getting my strength and cardio in."

-Camille Borodey