Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Transformation Tuesday: Marc Craig Tested and Neurologist Approved

Last year, Marc Craig left New York, where he worked as head of construction facilities purchasing at Columbia University, and retired to Seattle with a goal of not only enjoying all the wonders of the PNW, but to make some life changes, which included having a consistent fitness routine.

Before and After 
“The two life improvement things I’ve had since I’ve moved to Seattle are kettlebell and cello lessons,” Craig said.

Although Craig has enjoyed Tae Kwon Do and boxing in the past, he says that SKC is the first program he’s ever followed where he’s reached his goals of toning up and losing inches around his waist. Now he’s coming to SKC three times per week and has lost 25 pounds since November.

On a quest to start a new life chapter post-retirement, Craig praises the programs at SKC for improving other areas of his life as well.

“I suffer a lot from migraines, and I’m finding I’m having less episodes,” Craig said. “My neurologist said this is specifically a very good exercise for migraine treatment.

“I’ve never had any trouble motivating myself to go, and I’m going to miss it. People are great here, and Nikolai and Amber [SKC Owners] are fantastic.” 

Unfortunately, Craig is moving to Victoria BC this month, but he purchased some kettlebells and is confident that he’ll be able to continue a consistent regimen once he moves. Just because he’s headed up North doesn’t mean his fitness routine has to go South!

“I think I have a good sense of form. One thing I’ll miss is working out with other people. I really like the fact that the members consist of so many different age groups and fitness levels working out together,” Craig said. “That certainly inspires me.”

We’ll miss you, Marc, and wish you the best in BC!

-Camille Borodey

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